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Services at Mountain View Pet Retreat

During your pets stay they will be fed Royal Canin which will provide them with all the nutrients and energy to maintain a healthy level during their stay at the retreat. We also include a mix of chicken or Mince, with brown rice and vegetables. 

We offer both Deluxe Suites and Standard Accommodation for your pets.

If your pet is on a special diet, we encourage you to provide your own food.

If you choose to provide your own food please bag in daily portions that is marked clearly with your pets full name and any specific instructions.

All medication must be provided by the owner for the entire period of the pet’s stay with Mountain View Pet Retreat.

All medication must be in original packaging and clearly marked with the Pet’s name and as per your veterinarians instructions.

No medication will be administered if it does not come with a Vet label.

Due to the amount of time your pet spends playing with others, we prefer their toys to stay home. If there is something that they MUST have, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the safe return.

We encourage you to bring their coat for the cooler months.

Please be sure to clearly mark all items with your pets full name, we will do our very best to make sure these items are not misplaced. However it is at your risk if these items do come along for the stay.

We include playtime with your pets as part of there stay here with us. Our staff will treat your pet/s as if they are their own and spend quality time with them to make sure their stay is as enjoyable as possible. We will shower your pets with cuddles, pats, walks and playtime to ensure they enjoy their stay with us.

A complimentary hydro-bath is given to each pet upon departure.

We have large fenced outdoor areas where your pets can run around and enjoy others company. If your pet/s not of a social breed please advise us on arrival as we adhere to very strict safety rules for all our guests at the retreat. 

Owners must inform us if they do not wish their pet to be socialized.

We now offer a Pick up and Delivery service for our guests.

For pricing please contact us on 07 5429 8921 or email [email protected] with the pick up/ drop off location for a quote.